Boyd’s Postcard from Japan: Clinic Day 3

We have just completed the final day of the retired racehorse clinic in Hyogo, Japan presented by the Japan Racing Association, the National Riding Club Association of Japan, and Godolphin. Day three saw the horses and riders progress to really jumping a stadium course, and some of the horses headed out to the cross country schooling course.
I was very impressed with how the horses improved over the three days. The Japanese riders were equally awesome. It was refreshing to be at a clinic where 100% of the riders and spectators were completely engaged. We met in a conference room in the evening and each rider and spectator asked questions. I really felt that the participants were taking in every moment of the clinic. It was a bit unusual for me to having everyone bowing at me, and spectators wearing suits, but at the same time it felt good! I’m sure even George Morris would be impressed with this crowd.
We all caught up and had dinner at the restaurant in the evening. I must admit that I am bloody sore from sitting cross legged on the floor.
Kozi (my translator), Yasuko (the Godolphin organizer) and I hopped on a bullet train to Tokyo this afternoon, heading for the final day of lectures and demonstrations. Then I’m off to Los Angeles for the US Eventing Association Annual Convention, where I’ll have the opportunity to share some stories about all that I’ve experienced here in Japan.
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  1. Safe Travels
    What an Awesome Experience
    Really Cool Thanks for Sharing all the Pics
    My favorite way to sit is cross legged sadly cannot do it at the moment dang knee joint doesn’t like it anymore

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