Boyd’s Rolex Kentucky 2015 Review

The Rolex Kentucky Three-Day Event CCI4* is over for another year and in hindsight it’ll be one of the more memorable competitions I’ve been to in Lexington, with some of the best horses and riders from around the world battling it out over a challenging cross-country course. I admit I was a bit nervous going in because I was on two very green cross-country horses, and I wondered if I was throwing them in too-deep waters early in their careers. But thankfully I have two of the biggest triers and most honest event horses that I’ve sat on in a long time.


Lucy Boynton and Colin Davidson’s Crackerjack has been a handful throughout his career, especially in the jumping phases. His dressage was a little tense and put him in 45th place, but I wasn’t too concerned as it was his first time dealing with the atmosphere of the big stadium and lots of people looking on. I take my hat off to this horse’s courage as he never blinked at some of the fences he faced on Saturday. He definitely found the deep ground tiring, so I decided not to put the accelerator down too much and just get him home. I was disappointed that he had a few rails down yesterday as the stadium jumping is usually his best phase, but he still managed to finish in 27th place out of nearly 80 entries. I am so happy for Lucy and everyone behind Crackers to call him a 4* horse now; in another 12 months he’ll be seasoned in all three phases and could really do something special.

Master Frisky

Master Frisky

Stephen Blauner’s Master Frisky shone like a star this weekend, landing in 12th place after dressage. Mikey is the polar opposite of Crackers, being one of the most laid back horses we have at Windurra. He put in a smart test that had moments of greenness, a brilliant cross-country to move up to 6th place on Saturday and had two down in show jumping to finish 7th place overall. Even though he picked up 8 penalties on Sunday I was thrilled with the way he show jumped and to finish in top ten at first 4* is a real credit to this horse.

All in all with the rough conditions on Saturday both horses were very reliable on cross-country. For sure this is the toughest course I’ve ever jumped and both horses have been well trained and understood their jobs. I didn’t have a perfect round on either horse but both were brave to push through. Their greenness really showed up on Sunday; they were a bit tired but the rails were more due to lack of experience and a very technical Richard Jeffries course.

I’d like to make special thanks to Lucy and Steve for backing me on these horses for the past couple years. For both of them it has not always been smooth sailing and we’ve had our ups and downs. It was rewarding to see both owners hang in there with their horses and make it to the pinnacle of the sport. A big thanks also to everyone who helped get them there: farriers Doug Neilson and Steve Teichman, veterinarian Kevin Keane, grooms Mike Pindleton and Sergio Reyes and the best-looking dressage coach in the game, Silva Martin, all helped me through the week.


They team vets vetted Mikey yesterday, and I’ve got a couple others that are also in the running for the Pan-Am Games, so things are looking good on that front. Our next big event will be Jersey Fresh in two weeks’ time.

Boyd signing autographs

Boyd signing autographs

Many thanks to our sponsors, Ariat, Smartpak, Purina, Charles Owen, Shires and Stuebben, and all the fans who showed up for various autograph signings during the event. It’s great to connect with the people cheering us on and to give back to the sponsors who support Silva and me and our horses.


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  1. Watching you ride Rolex was the highlights of my year! I really enjoyed the course walk – it’s always great to understand how someone at your level approaches the jumps. Cannot wait until next year!

  2. Thanks for your comment, glad you enjoyed the event!

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