Boyd’s Training Rates

BoydJumperShow2014“The biggest thrill I can get in my life is taking the raw, untapped talent of athletic-looking horses and putting massive amounts of time, energy and effort into training them into top-notch event horses. I believe that there are no quick fixes, no tricks or shortcuts in training event horses. To me it is a classical, methodical process and it is very rewarding when completed.  My love and enthusiasm for horses is interlocked with a passion for perfection in training them.”

Boyd has an excellent eye for teaching and quickly assesses the appropriate training methods for any horse and rider combination. He has an incredibly strong work ethic, and his amiable personality immediately puts the rider at ease during each training session. Come train with this first-rate international rider!

Private or group lesson at Windurra – $125


Full Training Board in PA $65/day
Full Training Board in SC $85/day
Stall Rest Injured Horses in PA $40/day
Training Horses on Vacation in Pa $40/day
Field Board in PA $25 /day
Sales commission for horses in training at Windurra USA – 10%

We welcome riders to ship-in for multiple day training sessions at Windurra USA.
This is an excellent way to for out of town clients to ship in for a few days to sharpen their skills.
We have the facilities to host both horses and riders.
$125/training session
$50/day stall fee – includes stall cleaning, hay and straw
School House Overnight Accommodations
$50/person per night, includes a furnished room with linens.
Camper hook up available for $20/night

Shipping fees – $1 per mile within 300 mile round trip radius
75 cents per mile exceeding 300 mile round trip radius
Owners are encouraged to tip our hard working grooms!

Event Prize Winnings
50% to owner – 50% to rider
Trophies, ribbons & coolers to Owner
Rider Awards, Medals & Sponsor Prizes to Rider

$175 per rider
$40 auditor fee/day
Clinics in California- $200.00/person
(due to travel costs)

Approx Clinic Session Lengths:

The most ideal clinic structure is five 1.5 hour group sessions
with 5-7 riders at each riding level.

Note to Clinic Organizers:

Clinic cost will include Boyd’s travel fees, but overnight accommodations will be arranged by organizer.
Clinic organizer responsible for collecting payments from participants.

Contact Boyd Directly by Text 610-806-2381

Board – $50/day in PA & 65/day in Aiken
Free lessons in exchange for 6 days per week of hard work!
Due to the value of the horses on the property, working students cannot bring their dogs.  Thanks for your understanding!

If you have any questions regarding training rates and scheduling,
please contact

Here’s a fun video from a clinic that Boyd taught in Texas.

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