Boyd’s Update from Aachen

Steph Simpson giving Tsetserleg the royal treatment after galloping this morning.

Training in Aachen is going well so far. Both of Chris and Tommie Turner’s horses, Thomas and Cue, have arrived in good form after traveling well from the States. The first couple of days here in Germany, I just did some light flat work with team coach Erik Duvander helping me. As the horses were still adjusting after travel, we worked on very simple stretching and suppling work. Yesterday the Bride, Silva Martin, arrived and we started working on the dressage test movements. Both horses are going well, and in a few more schooling sessions I believe they’ll be performing as well as ever.

This morning we had a nice canter/gallop around the galloping lanes of the 4-Star cross country course here in Aachen. Thomas and Cue are both super fit. Tomorrow we’ll do dressage again, working on the test with Martin Pluwe, then the next day we’ll be jumping with Peter Wylde and the following day we will have another session with Martin Pluwe.

With just two horses, I have a little more downtime than usually. I’ve been taking the opportunity to catch up on sleep, hanging out with the other riders, looking at horses for sale and catching up with my mother-in-law who lives about 40 minutes away from Aachen.  Nox and Leo arrived with Silva and they are having fun meeting up with their cousins, whom think they ‘talk weird’!
At the moment, all of our Olympic preparations are going to plan.

Boyd Martin
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