Bunkhouse Christening Party at FoxFrolic Farm

My girls Kymmy, Scout and Gracia, and Taylor, Boyd’s new girl on the Windurra Eventing team, got together with Fernanda’s three guys and had a “Bunkhouse Christening” cocktail party at the new bunkhouse at FoxFrolic Farm in Aiken. Fernanda and Kirk bought the property behind FoxFrolic to extent the farm and it has a wonderful five-bedroom house, (The Bunkhouse), on it. My three girls and Taylor live upstairs and Fernanda’s boys live downstairs. As you can imagine, Fernanda and Kirk have outdone themselves yet again, making the house absolutely amazing for our crew! It was a great party and I am very proud of my girls for putting on such a great feast! FoxFrolic is a wonderful place and we are very lucky that we are be able to work out of this farm . Thank you to Fernanda and Kirk !!!


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