Caitlin Released from ICU

I’m very relieved to say that Caitlin was released from the Intensive Care Unit at Christiana Hospital to the general population  today. Obviously it was a very serious accident, incurring a fracture to her skull, but it looks at the moment like she doesn’t have any other physical damage. The doctors are opting not to operate, and all of Caitlin’s vital signs are good as gold.
It’s an interesting business that we’re in, training horses; Caitlin galloped around the 2* and 3* courses at Plantation Field on the weekend, jumping huge fences at high speeds and rode like a champion; on Tuesday she was doing rising trot in the dressage arena with a nice 4-year-old when the horse stumbled and Caitlin fell on her head.
As usual Caitlin was wearing her Charles Owen helmet, which very likely prevented more serious injuries.
It’s a huge blow to Caitlin professionally, with Catch a Star and Remi heading into Fair Hill like lightning, but fortunately both horses are qualified for Kentucky next year, which was the ultimate goal.
Australian sensation Dom Schramm has come on board trying to fulfill part of Caitlin’s role at Windurra USA. “The Thunder from Down Under” is a brilliant horseman and is helping us carry on in the absence of my superb assistant Caitlin while she’s out of action. We all miss Caitlin very much and wish her a speedy recovery. 

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  1. it looks like all they’re feeding her is soda ! get that girl some protein!

  2. So good to hear she is better-
    So scary to be injured like that!
    Hope she recovers quickly!
    I watched her last weekend on both horses–she looked fantastic! Looking forward to seeing her at Rolex next year!

  3. I had a similar thing happen to me this spring… 3 year old was trotting along and spooked, tripped, and fell and I ended up with a severe concussion. Thank God for helmets. I hope you make a swift recovery and are back in the saddle soon!

  4. Glad she’s going to be ok! These freak accidents are so scary. Glad she was wearing her helmet! Sending healing thoughts.

  5. I’m so glad she’s going to be ok. I would also like to see Boyd start wearing a helmet in dressage. It doesn’t matter how good a rider you are stuff happens.

  6. Glad to hear she is doing well. I wish her a speedy recovery!

  7. Boyd and Silva– I believe the time has come for both of you to start wearing helmets while mounted. I am a huge fan of you two, and it would be devastating if anything happened to either of you (for any reason.) Please, consider making the sacrifice. Over time, you would not fell that wearing a helmet is a burden. You would barely notice you have it on your head.

  8. Does Caitlin have health insurance? Would she need help with her hospital bills? I am sure that all of us who admire her would like to help and make sure that she is not in financial distress when she leaves the hospital.

  9. I gallop race horses, but I fractured my C2 when my dressage horse tripped in the ring and fell down. I also have a Charles Owen and with the damage on the helmet I think it saved my life. As long as you take the time to heal and not push yourself (as temping as it is, I know!) you will be back in the saddle in no time Caitlin!

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