Caitlin Released from the Hospital!

After two weeks in the hospital, doctors and nurses could not contain the fighting spirit of Caitlin anymore. It’s great to see her up on her feet breathing the fresh air in Cochranville again.

It has been an impressive recovery according to the experts so far. Caitlin will be side lined from riding from some time until her skull is fully healed. Anyone looking for some awesome coaching, don’t be shy to text or call her on 610 316 7318. – Boyd

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  1. Boyd I suffered a bad car wreck several years ago. My balance was a bit affected for several weeks. I am a big propenent of using a walker for about a month or so. Only because Caitlyn doesn’t need another fall. She’ll know when she’s free to go on her own because she won’t get dizzy spells.

    Not sure where her fracture is. I really messed up C1-C6. But thats also due to arthritis.

    The good news is this does pass. It takes time. I know how annoying it is to hear the doctor say Patience, but after going thru this myself I can attest to Patience is the big key.

    Skull fractures are NOT something to be messed with. Any abnormalities she should get a brain MRI to make sure everything is as it should be. I know the cost can be prohibitive but the alternative is something I don’t want to think about.

    My absolute best to Caitlyn. I know it isn’t fun. This is the time to take it easy, rest, read some good books. One way to challenge yourself to see how you are progressing is find one chore–like walking downstairs (this is a super simple for instance), and it has proven to much for you. If you can manage ONE STEP with no dizziness or feeling off balance that is your achievement for the day. Rejoice in that. Each day you will small improvements.those are the ones you want to remember and keep in mind on the days when it feels like you slid backwards.

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  3. Caitlin,
    Remember to visualize your ride at Rolex next year. That Dressage test can be sticky, but Silva will make sure Hoku is ready for you when you are ready for her. The XC ride? Nothing but pure brilliance, as the two of you always do. With your supreme care, Hoku will pass the jog with flying colors, and later that day, the two of you will fly over the SJ fences.
    Lots of love, respect and admiration.

  4. Hi Beautiful! That neck warmer looks so cozy and stylish. Perfect timing for the cold season.

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