Carlesburg SOLD

We’re happy and sad to announce that the mighty Carlsburg has been sold to a young rider in New Hampshire. I’m genuinely excited that I think this is going to be a great match and I really look forward to seeing this horse progress in his eventing career.

It was sad to see him get loaded up on the trailer last night as it brought back memories of going to Ireland with Peter and Stephen Blauner when we found Carl at the Go for Gold Auction. Me and Peter were having a chuckle the other day about our trip, where Steve and I had umpteen Carlsberg beers before the auction!

Steve and I were partners in this horse and I genuinely believe Steve would be happy that this horse is going to an up and coming rider as he had a real passion for developing Young Riders here in America. We look forward to seeing this pair out and about, and wish them luck.

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