Carolina International CIC Starts Tomorrow

After a great winter in Aiken, we are heading north towards Pennsylvania via the Carolina International CIC. This will be the first serious course that the horses will see this year, and the rumour is that the new course designer, Ian Stark, has built a monster!

My plans with the horses are:
Crackers: Good, solid run…stay on at the water
Shammie: Nice and easy around the cross country, as we need this one for qualification for the Olympic Games
Bonito: Very green still: survival!
Red: Let’s be competitive
Shadow: Let’s be competitive too
Master Frisky: Nice and easy around the xc, easing our way back to to his spring 4-star
Eddie: Stay out of Pinehurst Emergency!
The dressage starts tomorrow with the three-star:
I look forward to see a few of you out at the event. If you are following from home, the scores will be live on
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  1. Oh good plan!

    I look forward to watching!

    Have safe fun rides!

    Hope the course isn’t really a monster!

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