Changing of the Guard at Windurra Dressage


We are experiencing some big changes here at Windurra Dressage, with my three wonderful girls moving on to the next phase of their lives.

 The plan for Gracia Huenefeld was always that she would be working for me for two years and then going home to Nebraska. She’s a wonderful girl, talented with her horses, and a very hard worker. She has a big family in Nebraska and wants do a riding school there. She’s very good with people and horses, so she has all the pieces to make it work.

Scout Ford went back to college, which was also always the plan. She wants to learn something academically before the riding – she’s a very talented rider and I was hoping she would stay, but she made a good decision returning to school. I miss her very much but I know that she’s taking care of all the things she needs to do, and I think I’ll be seeing her around again in the future!
Kymmy Pullen is probably one of my longest employees, she’s been with me for many years. She’s come a long way in her riding and she’s honest, reliable and fabulous in many ways. She is starting her own business in Exton, PAand I know it’s not easy to go out on your own, but she has what it takes and hopefully her business will take off running.
My new working student Jerusha’s parents just bought a place here in Coatesville, PA. She’s a great person and reminds me a lot of Gracia. She has  taken over a lot of the barn managing and is organizing things, which is GREAT. Also Jessie Crosby, who rode with my friend Michelle Folden in Charleston, has just arrived. Jessie has already improved and come along way, but her goal is to be the best rider she can be. Also Devon Seery is back! She is studying at the University of Delaware and has worked out her schedule so she can come to the barn and work most days. Devon is probably one of the smartest people I know; she finished high school while she was working for me and is doing a bit the same now, so I’m sure she can handle it!
A huge thanks to all the girls for being there for me through this challenging year. They have been with me through a lot of good and bad times, and I am so grateful for their hard work and support. I wish them all the best!
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