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“Charles Owen is proud to announce our support of Boyd and Silva Martin. Boyd and Silva are wonderful additions to the Charles Owen team because they represent the kind of quality and commitment to the sport of riding that we value at Charles Owen.”

Kasey Chamberlain, Sponsored Rider Liaison
Charles Owen, Inc


Company Information
In the tradition of Charles Owen, safety always comes first.Charles Owen helmets are designed, tested, and produced in our own production facilities in Europe. This means that a Charles Owen product never leaves our hands until it arrives at a certified stockist. In this age of outsourcing, we are proud that our products have remained under the watchful eye of our quality control. We are on the cutting edge of technology and research in the equestrian safety industry to ensure that we’re producing the safest products available and working to achieve our motto – a safer world.

Charles Owen, more than any company in its field, is progressive in its desire for a safer world. Its design engineers have been involved with helmet standards since 1953. We currently represent the UK on the European Standards and are active members of the American Standards for the Testing of Materials, the major equestrian standard developer in the US. We were a founding member of the British Horse Society Accident Database and work with the leading researchers in the field.

Our sponsored rider program is another major program whereby we work with top riders in each discipline to ensure that our products are not just tested by laboratory dummies. Perhaps the most significant effort is educating both helmet sellers and wearers in maximizing the safety of helmets through correct fitting. Laboratory dummies cannot represent the true diversity of the human race and it is well recognized that a helmet that does not fit can lead to fatal consequences. There is still widespread ignorance even amongst helmet designers and it is a serious concern with all safety professionals in our sport. Programs run by Charles Owen include seminars, training clinics and expert help, which are available at an increasing number of international horse events.

Choosing to become a member of the Charles Owen family gives you confidence, knowing that your fellow members are doing their best to support you and deliver the best there is. It was in 1984 that our best known member, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, chose Charles Owen to be awarded the Royal warrant as protective headgear supplier to the Royal Mews at Buckingham Palace.
“My grandfather set the course. I am passionate about maintaining it. This is all about a journey to eliminate suffering and death in our sport and to share the ineffable joy of the horse to all. I know I will not reach the destination but it is getting very much closer”, proclaims Roy Burek, president of Charles Owen.

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