Cheshire Pony Club Members Enjoy 3 Clinic Days at Windurra USA!

Members of the Cheshire Pony Club recently were treated to 3 wonderful days of coaching, thanks to Lillian, Silva and Boyd for carving out some time for these up-and-comer eventers!  Turnout for these 3 separate days of clinics was jam packed, thanks to the coordination efforts of joint DC’s, Susannah Small and Missy Shaffer.   These ladies, along with Shannon Houghton as secretary and Andrea Sensenig as treasurer, organized multiple days of fun for these kids and kept all the participants well hydrated.

Silva kicked off the training with a 2 days of dressage lessons on 7/13 & 7/18, followed by Lillian’s day of stadium on 7/20 and Boyd’s XC clinic on 7/27.   Pony Club riders ranged from D2 to C3, with Maggie and Audrey Buchanan aiming for their B testing in August!

It was fantastic to get over to the farm to watch these kids (many of whom I’ve watched grow up in  the tack) and to watch Boyd coach them.  He has such a warm, enthusiastic and encouraging style with them – which showed in the kid’s enthusiasm for all the exercises.  At the end of the sessions, Boyd also spoke with each rider specifically about their strengths, and the areas where they needed to focus.  It was a wonderful way to see our up and coming eventers in Chester County.

The following photos were from the Training and Novice level groups.  Next year I promise to come out to focus on the little jockeys! ~  Lisa Thomas

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