Clinic at Stony Brook Farm

Stony Brook Farm hosted a fantastic clinic in New Hampshire over the weekend.

It was perfect weather and a perfect venue to put on a clinic for the riders, who ranged from Beginner Novice up to Preliminary.

On the first day we worked on show jumping gymnastics and a then moved on to jumping a course.

 On Sunday we spent the day training cross-country.

Denise and Thomas


Denise and Thomas
It was also the first time I had seen Thomas (Ying Yang Yo) since we competed together at the Luhmuehlen four-star in Germany a couple of months ago. His owner Denise Lahey has him looking in great health. The old Ying Yang went like a gem for Denise on both days. I must say it was a great feeling watching him enjoy his new job at Stony Brook Farm.

Welcome to the World!

Last but not least a foal was born on Sept. 2nd. 

A big thanks to Pierre and Denise for putting on a fantastic clinic.



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  1. Big thanks to Boyd, Pierre & Denise for a fabulous clinic at a lovely facility. My son was well challenged without being overfaced and is feeling confident for his first training level event next weekend…thanks again! 🙂

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