Congratulations Densey Juvonen

A hug from Densey. Josh Walker Photo
 On Friday evening at the USEA convention, PRO will be honoring Densey Juvonen with the most prestigious Owner’s Award in the United States.  It is great that PRO has come up with a way of honoring the people behind the scenes that make it all happen. For those who are not familiar with Densey I have composed some interesting facts:

10 Awesome Facts About Densey Juvonen 

L-R: Densey and Ron Juvonen, Silva and Boyd Martin at Plantation Field. Amber Heintzberger Photo

1. Densey and her husband Ron own a share in Neville Bardos, a share in Otis Barbotiere, a share in Trading Aces, half of HH Lancaster and all of Remington XXV.

2. Her horses have competed in the US, Canada, England, France and Holland in Three-day events over the last few years in 3-Stars, 4-Stars,  US Nation Cup Teams, the WEG and Olympic Games.

3. Together with Ron, she came up with the idea in 2010 of syndicating horses. The base plan was to come up with a system of owners owning a little piece of a number of horses. This gave me the opportunity to ride some of the best horseflesh out there and gave owners a chance to become part of a number of top horses.

4. She has placed Remington, after two USA team short lists and four 4-star events, with up-and-coming young rider Caitlin Silliman:  the idea being that Remington can contribute to the education of the next generation of rider for this country.

5. Not only did she own a share of an Olympic horse this year, she had a piece of every horse I had in the training camp in England on the short list.  If I was going to make the team, so was Densey.

6. She is a courageous member of the Cheshire Foxhounds in Chester county, and jumps three-rail fences for fun!

7. She has donated the $5000 that she won from the PRO Owners Award, to the best CIC in America: Plantation Field International, for next year’s event in September.

8. She has experienced the highs along with the lows as most owners do.  Her very exciting 2-star mare ‘Charla’ died tragically in the barn fire last year.  She was among the most supportive people around me and helped me keep going through this time, never allowing me to feel guilty about her loss.

9. She is the proud grandmother of four  great kids, all of whom are very good riders.

10. Her distinctive cheers can be heard above all others at Rolex when one of her horses does well!

I am always thankful for the day that I met Densey and her 11-year old fox hunter that she wanted me to sell.  Who would have thought that this little horse and I would start a partnership that would ultimately change my life?

 Thank you Densey, and Congratulations!!


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  1. Densey…what would this sport be without you? Not going to think about that…

  2. What a great partnership!

  3. Anne Hoover says

    Congratulations Densey! No one deserves it more! The sport thanks you and without you it would not be the same.

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