Congratulations to the Wintersteins on Purchasing Steady Eddie

I’d like to congratulate George and Gretchen Winterstein from Unionville, PA for coming in and becoming owners of Steady Eddie, my most recent import from Australia. Gretchen and George are no strangers to owning top horses: Gretchen rides in the first flight of the Cheshire Fox Hunt and has owned many steeplechase horses, and George loves competition, too: he’s a retired race car driver.

The Wintersteins also own Ringwood Murphy, a training level event horse that has been imported from Ireland and is going to end up a fox hunter for Gretchen. We’ve started him eventing because she feels like it will be a good education for him before he starts his fox hunting career.

Steady Eddie’s eventing debut comes this weekend in the BN at Plantation Field HT on Saturday, so we’re all about to see if he lives up to my high expectations.


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