Dancing Horse Challenge and Ride for Life.

We had a great weekend at the Ride For Life show at the Prince George Equestrian Center in Upper Marlboro, MD. Stately, of course, was his normal awesome self! We won both Fourth level tests and got High Score, Fourth level at the show.

Duvent placed second and third in both Prix St. Georges. I was so happy with him going into the big, scary arena; a few months ago there would have been no way that I would have even been able to get him into that arena. He was very good in all the trot work and in the walk – the canter started well but he got got a little excited towards the end. We are getting closer and closer to being great.

Kymmy and Markie did very well: they won Fourth level, test 1 on Saturday with 66% and finished fourth in Fourth, 3 on Sunday.

Devon and Ballatale had a great test on Saturday, finishing second in Third level with 66% and placing fifth on Sunday.

Sea Lord (“Big Bird”) was the real star this weekend!!! The organizers for the Breast Cancer Benefit asked me if I would perform in the Dancing Horse Challenge at their Gala night on Saturday. The Dancing Horse Challenge is getting bigger and bigger every year.

We had to think about a theme and organize a costume and a freestyle. Charish Campell,(Big Bird’s owner) and I thought of going as a jockey since BB is an off the track Thoroughbred and is now at the Grand Prix level, which is very unusual.
We got a freestyle together with the soundtrack from the Secretariat movie and my friend Cheryl Griffith made me a fabulous outfit.

Big Bird loved the packed arena and the people loved us! It was soooo much fun and it felt good to be able to help raise money for breast cancer and help people who need help, especially now since we have experienced so much generosity and help from everybody in the last few weeks.

Here is the video :


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  1. This is brilliant. I love it.

  2. Anonymous says

    Awesome Silva!

  3. Anonymous says

    love it

  4. Buffy Trott says

    That was the happiest Dressage test I’ve ever seen. I grew up with thoroughbreds. They are True characters!!! In the 80’s they were all over the equestrian disciplines. Now they seem to be more of a whisper than a scream outside of 3-day. They are smart as hell, honest, and crazy quick. Never underestimate what they can do. It might take more work than a big old warmblood. But personally, they challenge me, keep me on my game, and i’m never short on laughter when they are just being themselves. Thank You so much Silva, for driving that point home!!! That was Awesome, Fantastic, and just made my Day!!

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