Day 2 at Dressage at Lexington

We had another good day at Dressage at Lexington.
Benny is unbelievable! I swear he is an old soul and has been here before.  He won his second level again, but this time with 74%. Remember, he is only FIVE years old!
Zoran was also amazing today. I am so exited about him! He is very powerful and loves to show that off. He won his third level today with 71.9%.
I was so proud of Rosa’s daughter, Hannah Lu. She had to show in the big Coliseum and is only four years old and still such a baby! But she is her mother’s child and did not put a foot wrong in the ring. She is very green and still a little unbalanced in places, but I know she is going to be a superstar!
Rosa was great in the PSG Challenge today. She tried very hard for me and though we had one little mistake where she changed early, other then that I could not be happier.
There were 29 horses in the class, many of them much more experienced horses than Rosa, and we finished fourth on a 69%.
Kymmy and Hayden did their first Second level test together and were amazing, scoring 71% and finishing third.
Kymmy and Billie Jean Halliday did a very nice test in a spooky arena. Billie has not
been off the farm very often and is handling everything really well.  
Rosa , Zoom , Hayden and Colin are going again today.

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