Developing Riders Clinic with Debbie McDonald

I rode Stately in the Developing Riders clinic with Debbie McDonald in Wellington, Florida yesterday and this morning. I had two great lessons with Debbie: Stately was amazing, as always. We worked mostly on the basics and Debbie gave us some good exercises.
She agrees that Stately not only has the physical ability but also has the right head for it. She could not believe how smart he is. All the things we worked on on the first day were no issue the next.

Debbie says that it is very important for us to keep working on the basics and Stately’s strength . He is so smart that he will learn anything very fast and when he gets strong enough he is going to be amazing.
The best thing about Debbie’s lessons is that she is not trying to change too much. Michael and I have a good program for Stately and she just kept it pretty much the same. She says Stately looks great and we are on the right track!

Of course Faye came to watch us go and to be the groom! Thank you Faye! If anybody is looking for a groom, she is amazing! But unfortunately for the rest of you, between being a groom for Eliza and me she is pretty busy!

Stately, my mum, ( who is visiting), and I are now on our way back to Aiken.


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