Devoucoux Goes Above and Beyond Once Again

 We are well on our way into the 2013 season and as the horses start to work harder and harder, it is absolutely essential that our equipment is fitting them like a second skin. We are so lucky to be sponsored by Devoucoux, who takes saddle fitting very seriously and cares about our horses’ comfort as much as we do.

We had Vincent Eddahri, Technical Advisor for Devoucoux, out at our farm this morning to check and adjust the fit of our dressage, cross country and show jumping saddles on each of Boyd’s top horses. Vincent is a highly skilled saddle fitting technician and says, “It is important to take your time when fitting a saddle”. 
He spent most of the morning with us, trying several different saddles on each horse in the barn and then watching how the saddle fit and moved with the horse as Boyd rode around in each one. He marked each horse’s scapula and withers with a piece of chalk and watched how the muscles of each horse moved in relation to where the saddle sat on the horse’s back. It is so reassuring to me to know that we have a dedicated saddle fitter who is knowledgeable in the intricacies of equine anatomy and musculature working with our team of horses.
Vincent is in Aiken, SC through mid-March and is available for saddle fitting consultations throughout Aiken and the surrounding area. Please contact him to schedule a saddle fitting appointment and let his knowledge and expertise improve the comfort of your horse’s saddles. 
Vincent Eddahri
Technical Advisor- Devoucoux
(571) 233-6606 (cell)
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