Dressage at Lexington

Kymmy and I took 6 horses to Dressage at Lexington in Lexington, VA, where we showed on Friday and Saturday. Click here for complete results from the show.
Kymmy did very well with her young horse Hot Date, “Hayden”. They showed in the Four-year old class and finished second with a great score of 7.28
I showed Duvent, Benny, Zoran, Rosa and Vanderbilt.
Duvent was super in both his fourth level classes. We won on Friday and finished second on Saturday.
Benny was his perfect self. I tell you, that horse is four going on 30! He is just amazing! We won training test 2 on Friday and finished second to Zoran on Saturday with great scores.
Bonnie Stedt’s Zoran impressed me a lot! He was absolutely amazing. We won training 3 on Friday with a amazing score of 79.8, and we won a big training class 3 on Saturday with the best score of the whole show, 85%!
Vanderbilt was showing in the most tricky arena, up on the hill in Lexington. Many horses retired in that ring because they can look both down and up the hill from there and see golf carts coming up and down the hill and it is just very scary. Vandy did not like it there at all. He did get better as the test went on and by the end he settled in nicely. We finished with a 59.7.
Rosa Cha was amazing!!! I know I say this every time but she is just getting stronger and stronger and better and better with every show! We won both fourth level classes again by a mile.
Here is one of Rosa’s tests:
There are still shares left in the Rosa Cha Syndicate! She is only seven years old and she has only just begun her career. I am sure she is going to be very successful at Dressage at Devon this year in fourth level; next year we will start in international competitions in the small tour and will work our way up to Grand Prix from there.

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  1. Anonymous says

    Congratulations Rosa and Silva! But the Rosa’s video didn’t make it to the blog :-[ Joan.

  2. Thanks for the heads-up about the video, should be all sorted now. Enjoy!

  3. Anonymous says

    Congratulations Silva! The tiny group standing to the right of the arena includes me and I can attest that you were both even better in person. Rosa Cha is absolutely amazing.

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