Dressage at Morven Park

The dressage horses had their first show after the winter at Morven Park in Virginia this past weekend. Devon, Kymmy, Ashlea and I took seven horses to the show and had a great weekend; all the horses went super! The weather was perfect and everybody had a great time. Devon rode Sara Sanz’s Ballatale (Twix) in Second level. This was their first time in the show ring together and they did very well: they placed second in their first class with 62% and scored 64% in the second class. Kymmy and Markie had a great weekend too. Kymmy, Markie and I have been working very hard and they keep improving. This was the second time in Fourth level for both of them: they finished second in Fourth level test 1 on Saturday with 63% and then placed third in Fourth level test 3 on Sunday with 64%.

Ashlea and Mintie

Ashlea and Mintie had their first show in America. They both came over from Australia last winter and Ashlea will be staying with us for about a year, (hopefully forever!).She is going to show in the Young Rider CDI’s over here and will hopefully qualify for the Young Rider World Championships in Frankfurt, Germany. Mintie and Ashlea placed second in both PSG’s this weekend. Here is a video:

I rode Faye Woolf’s Aesthete,(“Stately”), Rosa Cha, and Linda Walton and Larry Smith’s two horses, Duvent and Constantina,(“CeCe”). I have to say again how lucky I am to have such good horses to ride. It is much more fun when you have quality horses to ride and that is what I have – all of them did great this weekend.

Silva and Aesthete

Stately won Third level test 3 with 71% on Saturday and we showed in our first Fourth level class on Sunday and he won with 70%. We are going to show in the selection trial for the six-year-old horses at Morven Park next month.

Rosa Cha won Third level test 2 on Saturday with 72% and Third level test 3 on Sunday with 70%. Rosa is such a elegant horse that even if she makes little mistakes she still scores well. Rosa still gets a little excited at the shows, but she has so many brilliant moments that she gets away with it! CeCe was a good girl again. She is still such a baby but soooo brave and well behaved. We finished fifth in Training, 2 with 66% and second in Training, 3 with 68%.

Now for Duvent! I am so proud of him! We all know that Duvent is not always the easiest horse; he gets very exited and nervous at the shows and even though he has all the talent and physical ability, he had trouble getting his head around it. I am so proud of him for his performances this weekend! He was awesome and for the very first time he was listening to me through the whole warm-up and the tests. We won Fourth level, 2 on Saturday with 67% and Fourth, 3 on Sunday with 68%. That was our first time in Fourth level and we will be moving up to PSG at Fair Hill next month.


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