Dressage Horses in Aiken

Our dressage horses have a new home in Aiken for the next two months, at Fernanda Kellogg and Kirk Henkel’s beautiful new farm called Fox Frolic. Fernanda and Kirk bought the farm not too long ago, so there is a lot of construction still going on. Once it’s all finished the farm is going to be breathtaking! We are so lucky to be here.

The horses are very happy; they have huge stalls and lots of wonderful turnout. We are having such a good time with everybody at Fox Frolic!
My team this winter is of course Devon and Kymmy as well as a new working student, Scout Ford. Scout is a great addition to our team: she is a always happy and has a big smile. Her young horse Maybell is a very exiting horse with a big future.
Unfortunately Ashlea has not been able to join us yet because she is having visa problems and is still in Australia at the moment .

An update with photos and video from our weekend in Florida is coming soon…..


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  1. I have to ask, who’s Beagle is that?
    I am not only a TB fan, but a lover of Beagles- talk about being doubly cursed/blessed!


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