Dressage Horses Settle In at Home in PA

The Ring at our Farm in PA

All the horses are doing well and are so happy to be back home. The weather is just wonderful and everybody is enjoying their time in the field.

I am so happy to be riding in my wonderful arena again. Now that I have been away for a while , I have to say it is the best arena and footing I have ever ridden on. My horses love it too! I would like to thank Edwin from Attwood Equestrian Services and Mark “The Ringmaster” again for building us the perfect ring!

While I was in Aiken, Edwin came out to our farm in Cochranville and made sure that my ring would be perfect for me when I came home. I have to say, it really is perfect. Edwin even spent a few hours with Felix, (our guy who takes care of everything at the farm) the other day, teaching him how to drag the ring correctly. I think that is an amazing effort!

I am so impressed with the customer service that Attwood provides and with the high quality of their product. Edwin has been everything he promised: he stands behind the product and makes sure the arena is always perfect for us.

I called Boyd and we both agreed that the money we spent on our arena was the best money we have spend so far. It could not be better on any level!


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