Dressage Horses Training at Home (With Videos!)

Now that I am back from WEG it is time to focus on my horses again. I am so lucky that I have such a good group of horses to train and show. Shannon Stimson and her husband Joe, Melinda Walton and her husband Larry Smith, Sara Reese, Jacky Gilbertson and Faye Woolf are giving me the opportunity to train and show their wonderful horses and I am very thankful for that. I also have some very nice horses in work that I am selling for their owners.

Right now Duvent, Sea Lord, BB, Rosa and London Venture are getting ready for the CBLM and GAIG championships, which are held at the end of this month and the beginning of next month.

Sea Lord is going to finish his year at the championships in PSG and Intermediaire 1. He had a great season and I am looking forward to the championships and his chance to show off what he knows.

Even though he is showing in the small tour, I have been working on the piaffe and passage a lot in the last few weeks because I think it makes him stronger in all his work. When I first started teaching Sea Lord the piaffe and passage his legs were going everywhere except for underneath himself! He has always struggled with keeping his long spider legs underneath himself and it was very funny because you could see how much he was trying to work it out but could not get coordinated. Now he has figured it out and is getting better and better. I think that this kind of work makes him stronger and helps his canter work as well, since he also struggles at staying under enough .

Sea Lord is a wonderful horse to work with because he tries 110% every day. He and I have been working together for so long now and it is going to be an amazing feeling riding him in his first Grand Prix, hopefully next year!

Here is a video of us working yesterday :

Duvent is going to show Second level at the championships. Since Duvent has been with me for only 2 or 3 months we have only done two shows together and he qualified for Second level straight away. He is ready for Third level and I have entered him in our first Third level in the open show on the Saturday at the CBLM championships.
Duvent has been such a pleasure to work with – he is a very talented horse who loves to work and is wonderful to ride.

Duvent is a very forward thinking horse and gets a little excited about simple changes and things like that. He has improved so much in the last few weeks. I think he is getting stronger and the collection in the canter is getting easier for him. He has a very big canter and at first he struggled to collect but I have been working a lot on transitions within the gait, making him canter very small and then big again. He is really starting to get the idea. The trot work is easy for him; he has a wonderful trot and the lateral work is just beautiful.

Here is a video of us working yesterday :

I also took a video of little CeCe yesterday. She is our princess in the barn, everybody loves her so much. She really is like a person! We have to remind ourselves how young she is all the time; she is only 4 years old but, if you did not know that you would think she has been around forever.

CeCe loves her work and has such a good attitude all the time. I work her the way I start all my young horses: in the arena maybe three times a week and on the other days I work her out on the grass, the gallop track, or we just go hacking around the whole farm. She enjoys working outside very much. It is so important for young horses to go outside and not just see the arena because it keeps them happy about their work and teaches them that they have to work in any situation.

Here is a video of CeCe working yesterday:

I will make some more videos of my other horses in the next few day and tell you about their progress.


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