Dressage Schooling Show

Mary Grace from “Practical Dressage and Eventing” had a dressage schooling show at her place in Cochranville, PA today. I took Andy and Kristen Sparks’ young event horse Rose and my four-year-old mare Rosa Cha W for their first time out and I am so proud of the two baby girls! Both horses handled the day very, very well. We had no dramas whatsoever and both went on the trailer like they had been doing it for years.

I was a little worried about the arena because it is a Coverall arena and it was a very windy and rainy day. The arena side were flapping and it was very loud inside because the rain, but both horses did not care at all!

Rose did two beautiful tests which puts the pressure on Boyd now since he is going to ride her in her first event at Plantation next month!

Rosa also did great. She is still a real baby and needs to grow into herself but I am very excited about her.

I also took Denise Rothko’s Wie vom anderen Stern, or “Willie”, for our first show together. Willie is a very good horse but gets nervous at shows. I am going to take him to a lot of places in the next few months to get him used to going out and about. I rode him in the second level and he did pretty good considering the spooky arena.


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