Dressage Schooling Show at Windurra

The first Windurra Dressage Schooling Show was a great success! Thanks to a terrific judge, Lauren Annett, and her diligent scribe, a team of cheerful and very efficient volunteers, and buttoned-up, on-time riders and horses everyone had a lot of fun. We are grateful to everyone who participated and look forward to having you all come back to Windurra for the next one.

The biggest thank you goes to Pam for organizing everything so perfectly and to her husband Ed for grilling the best hot dogs ever! I cannot thank all my people enough for making the day go so smoothly!







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  1. Andrea Jenkins says

    Thank you for hosting a great event! It’s so nice to be able to get young horses out to gain experience at local venues. Everyone there was friendly and the facility was beautiful. There is a huge need for events like this – hope you all have more!

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