Dressage Update from Rolex KY

Photos of Rock on Rose (top) and Remington XXV (bottom) copyright Amber Heintzberger

I think all three horses did reasonably good dressage tests, though Remi and Neville had movements I didn’t ride correctly so though they’re not far off the lead they could have scored better. I was thrilled with Rock on Rose – she was second to last to go and there was a packed house. She showed how much she’s matured in her training and I was over the moon.

The course is tough I think, it’s obviously a four-star track; it’s long and there are questions scattered around the course. It sounds like Phillip’s withdrawn Kheops du Quesnay so Neville is the trailblazer tomorrow morning. After I ride Neville around I’ll have a little bit of an advantage and a feeling for the course, which should help with Lusty and Remi doing their first four-star event.

The video is up on three days three ways so be sure to check it out!

Also be sure to watch this video of the trot-up, courtesy of sponsor ecogold.

If you’re at the event for cross-country, come out and cheer the horses on! Neville goes at 9:30am, Remi is at 11:35am and Lusty is at 3:20pm.


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