Dunmovin Dressage Show

Trading Aces
 On Wednesday, we took several of the event horses and a few of the dressage horses to Dunmovin Dressage Show in West Chester, PA. It proved to be a successful day, providing great experience in the ring for several of the event horses that are green in the dressage phase. 
Otis Barbotiere
In my opinion, the most exciting test of the day was Silva’s ride on Otis, as it was Otis’ first time back in the ring since the Olympics last year. He did well, scoring in the 70s in his third and fourth level tests. 
Trading Aces (“Oscar”)
 Silva also rode Boyd’s Trading Aces in a fourth level test, which was also a very successful outing. From the dressage barn, Silva rode Bonnie Stedt’s Zoran at third level producing wins in a couple of classes, and Amy Heron rode CeCe.
Caitlin Silliman and Sawyer Gilker had rides on several of the less experienced event horses, giving them mileage so they can be successful in their eventing dressage tests. Caitlin rode Densey Juvonen’s HH Lancaster and Bonnie Stedt’s Quinn Himself at first level, and Carolyn Blitz’s High Aspirations at training level, while Sawyer rode Amy Lindgren’s Ray Price W and Wallaroo W in training level tests.
Kymmy Pullen put in an excellent training level test on Jones, a wonderful horse that we have for sale, scoring 70.8. He caught the eye of several people with his fluid movement and unflappable personality.
Wednesday also served as Boyd’s first day back in the ring following his ankle surgery after Rolex. He requested special permission to ride without stirrups, as he has been doing at home for the past several weeks, but was unable to receive para-rider status. So, with stirrups for the first time since his surgery, Boyd rode Anne Hennessey’s New Cadet and Lucy Boynton’s Crackerjack in second level tests. They both had very nice tests.
 -Lindsey Taylor

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