Electric Sold!

Kelly with Electric (“Elvis”)

I am pleased to announce that I have sold Electric to Kelly Gilbertson. I have always loved this horse, we bought him initially because we thought he’d be my new FEI horse, but with two kids to take care of and a lot of competition horses in my barn now, I knew I would have to let someone go. He’s got such a good temperament and is easy to ride, so I thought he’d be a good one to sell since he will make a nice schoolmaster.

I’ve known Kelly and her mom Jacqui for a long time, Jacqui was one of my first supporters when Boyd and I moved to America, and Kelly was my working student and is at college now. Jacqui called me one day and said Kelly had her Silver medal with one horse but was looking for something to move up with. She’s 21 now, so ageing out of Young Riders.

Electric (a 2012 Canadian Warmblood gelding) is just turning 8 but he is very confirmed at 4th level, maybe PSG, and it was love at first sight. Kelly tried him twice and it went great, and they vetted him yesterday. He’ll stay at my barn and Kelly can come on the weekends from school; she’s at University a couple of hours away, but she’s got a friend to stay with near us on Friday-Sundays. I’ll keep him doing during the week and coach her on weekends, and we can do some shows together. I really love that this worked out because it will be fun to still have him in my barn. I wish Kelly all the best with him!

I also want to thank George and Julia Strawbridge and Nancy Hathaway, his previous owners, who have been very supportive throughout Electric’s training and show career.


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