Equestrian Fire Relief Fund Australia


Boyd is proud to be an ambassador for the Equestrian Fire Relief Fund Australia, organized to provide fire relief and aid to equestrians affected by the horrendous bush fires of 2019-2020. International and national donations can be made at the following link:

Boyd, who has dual citizenship, grew up in Australia and represented the country in international competition before riding for the USA. Boyd and Silva have firsthand experience with fire and horses, having lived through a devastating barn fire that claimed the lives of six horses in 2011. They are forever grateful to the equestrian community for the financial aid and moral support provided after this tragedy, and hope to extend the same welfare to those in need.

Boyd said, “For anyone that has horses in their life, they can truly understand the absolute devastation that is being felt by the fires in Australia. There is an absolute helpless feeling across a sunburnt country. I have personally been through the horrors of fire, and it is something that can truly destroy the spirit. In my experience, the only thing that kept me going was the support of the equestrian community that is worldwide. I urge anyone to contribute to this heartfelt fund.”

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