EquiFit Announces Their Sponsorship of Boyd!!


A genuine commitment to horses and riders drives EquiFit to seek new and better ways to help them perform, recover, be comfortable and succeed at all levels. Our unique blend of ingenuity and horse world expertise allows us to continuously adapt premium innovations in healthcare and fitness to the needs of equestrians.

The result: distinctive products for high performance both in and out of the ring.

“I first learned about EquiFit at the American Eventing Championships this year when I was asked to demo their product ShouldersBack. I was seriously impressed with the position it put me in. Besides getting me in the optimal position for riding, it’s been helping for developing muscle memory so I am constantly standing taller. I now wear ShouldersBack for all three phases. For dressage, it keeps me better aligned, for cross county it keeps me in the back seat on the big drops and for stadium, it keeps me in better balance with my horse overall. It provides great support and it’s comfortable to wear.

Besides ShouldersBack, EquiFit makes many very innovative products for horses and riders. Their T-Foam is true memory foam and is in all the boots and bandage liners. It gives each horse a custom fit and is the best thing I’ve found for protecting and supporting my horse’s legs. The T-Sport wraps roll on beautifully and they don’t slip or twist during work like polos. They also provide great support and they prevent any irritating sand or dirt from getting in and rubbing my horse’s legs. Silva keeps stealing my T-Sport wraps and bandage liners and I’ve only got one pair! They are really fantastic for day-to-day workouts.

I want the best for my horses. It takes a tremendous amount of hard-work and dedication to get them to them to the top. It is evident that EquiFit takes their job to heart by producing top quality products that are comfortable and effective.”

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