Eric Bull Schooling Jumps at Windurra

We have quite a range of schooling fences at Windurra now, thanks to the excellent craftsmanship of Eric Bull and his crew. I came up with the design of some of the four-star jumps I’ve been facing on course, and Eric managed to scale them down to training and prelim height which has been helpful in developing the younger horses in new and interesting ways. 

I teach clinics all around the country and it’s essential to have really well built, quality jumps. Without question Eric builds the best jumps out there. They’re horse and rider-friendly because he has a great understanding, from his years in eventing, of what tends to jump well.

Eric’s jumps are also very durable since he uses high-quality timber and hardware and really high-end brush. The course was quite an investment, but these jumps should last forever. The portables are easy to shift around, and Eric always has the safety of the horse in mind – they are very forgiving fences. 
One of our new fences is a scalloped hedge, which we did in Training height, and we’ve also purchased a “hoop” jump so the horses become accustomed to jumping with something over their heads. The jumps range from Beginner Novice to Intermediate height, including ditches, corners…you name it. We don’t have water or banks yet, but we’ve got everything else.
We’re charging $25/horse for schooling. No calling ahead is required, just park near the main barn, sign a waiver and head out and jump to your heart’s content. (Our excellent local medical services are handily right around the corner, should your schooling not go to plan). 
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  1. Wow! That is really generous of you guys. Thanks so much for providing this service. Now, move to the Northwest and help me, LOL. Sooo jealous!

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