Eventers Pack the House for Inaugural Devon Arena Eventing!

Last night at the Devon Horse Show, upper level event riders showed the crowd why our sport is exceptional.  The entire evening would not have been a great success without the teamwork involved at every level.  It took a combined effort of eventing competitors, their team of owners, supporters and staff, plus the crew at Devon to pull off a very successful evening.  From navigating the ability to park a bunch of goose neck trailers in the Main Line of Philly, to setting the course and getting the first horse in the ring, the evening truly went off without a hitch.


Team Purina during the course walk!

It was remarkable how Eric Bull and Captain Mark Phillip’s orchestrated the course design, moving the Fair Hill jumps into the Dixon Oval and Gold Ring…..all under the gun of a very tight time schedule.  Eventers all pulled together during the course walk in order to determine the best strategy for riding the course combination of solid XC and stadium questions.  The final skinny oxer proved to be effectively positioned by Captain Mark,  spoiling quite a number of (otherwise) clear rounds throughout the evening.


Ray Price W in great form!

Ray Price W (Ray Price W Syndicate) and Kyra (Christine Turner) performed beautifully under the bright lights in the Dixon Oval, laying down accurate first rounds to move into the final jump off of 12 horses.  Both horses have solid experience at the 2* level, but this particular challenge was new to them.  They marched right into the ring and got straight down to business, responding well to the cheering crowd and throng of open umbrellas lining the ring during a very rainy night.  Ray’s round was foot perfect in the jump off until that final oxer, adding 5 points for a rail, but holding them to 7th place.

Kyra, a talented and fiesty red-headed mare, was really keen, jumping like a cat until Boyd chose an aggressive turn to the fox.  Hard to outsmart a fox…….but they still came away in the money, taking the 12th place spot.


Kyra showing great form under the lights.

Congratulations to Sara Kozumplik Murphy, Jennie Brannigan and to our neighbor, Erika Nessler on their top 3 finishes. Many thanks to the Windurra Crew, our owners and the cheering fans who came out to support our sport on a rainy evening in Devon, Pa.  It was great fun for the competitors as well, and we’re thankful to Wayne Grafton and Beth Clark for rallying support from the horse show board and the class sponsor, Mid-Atlantic Packaging.

It’s important to showcase our sport to all fans of equestrian sport, and the Devon Horse Show grounds was the perfect venue.  We hope that these Eventing Prix style classes will continue to expand due to the growing popularity and support in Wellington, Ocala and now Devon.

If crowd response is a true indicator, then the future is bright for this level of competition throughout the US!

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