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Caitlin Silliman on Hoku
Caitlin Silliman

DOB: 4/28/1990


WINDURRA SINCE : 6/14/2008

Head Rider/Assistant Trainer

Caitlin’s love for horses started with 6 lessons for her 6th birthday. Her Mom and Grandmother were “horse crazy” as kids and this was passed on to Caitlin! She competed for the first time at 9, trained with Susie Beale in Malvern and was a member of Radnor Hunt Pony Club.

The first horse she owned (after many leases and lesson horses) was Twain, an Irish sport horse. Twain was a surprise from her parents and grandparents the spring of 2006. He was a great first horse and they competed at Young Rider’s in summer 2006 where they won the team and individual Bronze medal. Twain gave Caitlin some Intermediate and 2* experience and he now lives the life of treats and luxury with Diane and Steve McBroom in Virginia. Photo Credit at Bromont courtesy Horse Junkies United

Caitlin started training with Boyd and Silva in April of 2008 and began working for Silva in June 2008. She was Silva’s groom in the Dressage world until she started working for Boyd in Fall of 2010, when she bought the best find ever, Catch A Star.

Catch A Star came to TPF for sale from Rachel Dwyer, and it was love at first sight. Caitlin was looking for an upper level eventer that had the cross country experience she needed after a 2 year reprieve in the dressage world. Catch A Star, a Holsteiner bred by Linda Payne in CA, who has shown great talent! Caitlin had a great come back season with Catch A Star, finishing 5th in their first CCI 3* in 2012. Their 2013 season is off to a big start with Caitlin and Hoku competing like pros at their very first Rolex Ky 3 Day Event, finishing 24th and showing the world their international talent!

Through the generosity of the Juvonens and Seema Sonnad, Caitlin has also taken over the ride on the barn favorite and 4* veteran Remington XXV.

Caitlin has enjoyed all of her experiences working for team Windurra which includes the wonderful, supportive clients, great co-workers, travel perks and top class training from Boyd and Silva!

NAME: Lindsey Taylor

DOB: 3/14/1986

HOMETOWN: Saint Charles, IL

January 2011

JOB DESCRIPTION: Head Groom and Operations Manager

Lindsey got hooked on horses while she was a freshman at Wheaton College at the age of 18. Looking for something to distract her from her schoolwork, she attended a mini event that her younger sister was competing in. She got the idea that riding might be a fun extra-curricular activity and began taking once a week lessons with Pat Bunge at a small eventing barn, Red Roses Farm in Saint Charles, IL.

One thing led to another and she was soon leasing a horse and competing in local events. She rode a borrowed horse in a clinic with Becky Holder during this time and was impressed by the enthusiasm, expertise and attention to detail that Becky brought to her teaching. Lindsey decided to pursue a working student position with Becky in 2008 and 2009, during which time she learned an immeasurable amount about eventing at it’s highest levels, and became quite interested in grooming and horse care.

Lindsey returned home to Illinois in 2009 to finish her Business and Economics degree at Wheaton College. During this time, she rode with Cathy Jones-Forsberg at Topline Equestrian Center in Hampshire, IL and became Cathy’s head groom. This position added greatly to her experience in grooming, especially in handling and caring for young horses.

After graduating from Wheaton College, Lindsey searched for a way to pursue a career with horses. Although she had competed various horses at the lower levels of eventing and enjoyed riding, she was ready to pursue a position that did not necessarily involve riding. Because of her strong interest in grooming and horsemanship, a career as a full time groom was very appealing. Thanks to Faye Woolf for recognizing Lindsey’s interests and connecting her with Boyd!

Lindsey started grooming for Boyd at the beginning of 2011 and has enjoyed all of the experiences and opportunities that this position has brought her, including grooming at some of the biggest events in the world. email Lindsey (630) 338-3331

NAME: Beau Guimond

DOB: 6/3/1993

HOMETOWN: Mechanicsburg, PA

April 2012

JOB/DESCRIPTION: Whatever it takes!

Beau was born in Hershey, PA and has always had a love of horses. His parents arranged his first lesson on his 8th birthday as a surprise. The instructor was amazed at his natural ability and the ease at which the horses responded to his touch. What started out as a once a week lesson soon became an everyday occurrence. He loved riding and wanted to spend every minute at the barn doing whatever he could in exchange for lessons. (Photo Ashlee Fleming)

Beau was 12 when the opportunity presented itself to adopt a racehorse named True Lord from Penn National Race Track. Looking back it was a crazy decision which proved to be a wonderful learning experience. Beau and True learned the ins and outs of hunt seat equitation together. After two year It was evident that True was not as happy with the jumping arrangement so the decision was made to retire True with his old trainer.

It was during the same period that Beau’s family was in the process of relocating to Mechanicsburg, PA. He was interested in trying eventing and began the search for a new horse with the characteristics to advance through the levels. In March 2006 his family purchased Otter a 6 year old Trakhner gelding out of Carino E. The horse was green broke but had potential. Beau and Otter progressed through the levels obtaining their C3 rating, and in 2011 represented the Maryland Region in Training level at USPC Championships in Kentucky. They also qualified at Training level for the American Eventing Championships and finished 15th.

Beau had seen Boyd ride at many of the events and was lucky enough to live close enough to arrange to take lessons with him. Boyd was extremely supportive and at events would take time to encourage and coach Beau. It was at an emotional event at Waradaca (just two weeks after the fire) when Boyd took the time to congratulate Beau on his victory. That gesture helped Beau decide that he wanted to pursue a career in Eventing.

A few months later, while taking a lesson at Windurra, Boyd suggested to Beau that he should come and be a working student for him. For anyone interested in a career in Eventing, applying for a working student position is a great opportunity to experience first-hand what it takes to be successful.

Over the following few months Beau worked with his advisor at Cumberland Valley High School to advance his studies. He started with Boyd in April 2012 and received credit towards earning his diploma. Beau and Otter underwent a huge transformation under Boyd’s coaching and training program. After leading the USEA leader board in Training level points, they moved to up to Preliminary and completed the qualifications for their first CCI*. In October, Boyd offered Beau a full time position on the staff at Windurra LLC.

Beau has joined the team for his first season in Aiken (2013). Beau has benefited greatly through Silva & Boyd’s support and he looks forward to seeing where the future will take him.

” The road to Eventing success is dedicating your heart, body and soul to achieving a partnership with the horses you ride. Having a mentor like Boyd just drives you to try harder. Eventing is sink or swim – no floating allowed!”

If you are a dedicated equestrian and willing to work very hard at the top level of the sport, then please look at our WORKING STUDENT POSITION & CONTRACT.

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