Eventing with the Stars: A Raging Success!


Yesterday’s Eventing with the Stars symposium was a raging success! I will say it was a huge effort pulling it all together but the end product was very satisfying. Phillip and I basically had six sessions and we feel like the audience gained something from all of them and relate the information to their own training. In the first session I rode Silva’s I-2 mare Rosa Cha and it was a real treat riding one of her top horses. Silva gave a great lesson emphasizing the importance of fundamentals in dressage training.


The second session was entertaining: cross-country training at home in your own arena. Phillip was on Fernhill Singapore and I was on Santos. We did a number of exercises including the double corner, a made up coffin, and a few galloping fences. We got a little bit competitive on our up and coming prelim horses, which made it more entertaining for the crowd.


The third session was on Safety in Eventing. Charles Owen sponsored this part and we had a talk about new technology in air jackets. My assistant rider Mike Pindleton was brave enough to hop on and give a demonstration of how it works when parting company from your horse.


Part 4 was on training OTTB’s and Phillip had his racehorse superstar Icabad Crane, who’s now at prelim level, demonstrating adjustability and rideability. I pulled out Blackfoot Mystery, my new ride, and we worked on training combination fences for the higher level horses.


Welcome Shadow

After the lunch break we headed out on cross-country: I was on Barry and Phillip was on Socks, a four-year-old. We talked about the rider’s position cross-country and schooling the young event horse over novice and training exercises. Then we pulled out the big guns: Phillip on his new upper level horse Mr. Candyman and me on Welcome Shadow, and we gave the spectators a real insight into how we school and train our higher level horses. We had a wagon for spectators to come along in and it was an entertaining session where Phillip and I kept trying to outdo each other.


The grand finale was with Phillip’s head girl, Emma Ford, who did a wonderful talk on grooming and caring for event horses: studs, cooling down, different types of tack. It was a great talk. Emma recently co-authored a book with Cat Hill called, World Class Grooming, published by Trafalgar Square Publishing.


We wrapped the day up with a Q and A with Phillip and I, followed by a couple raffles and draws, and everyone had a chance to see our gold medals from Toronto.


All in all it was a successful day. Some people drove from other states and we had riders from across the board: just starting in eventing, Young Riders, Pony Clubbers and even my next door neighbor turned up to see what do go through every day with our event horses.

Thanks to Cindy Lawler for sharing these photos!

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