Feeding Our Event Horses with Purina

Lindsey Taylor Scooping up some Purina Strategy Healthy Edge for this morning’s feed

Feeding four-star event horses is a careful balance of providing the right ratio of protein, fats and carbohydrates for ultimate performance and recovery. We want our horses to stay calm and focused in dressage, have plenty of fuel for the cross-country phase, and recover well to leave the rails up on Sunday. We choose Purina Horse Feeds to ensure our horses are getting the best quality feed that we can find.

Purina offers a variety of products to suit the individual needs of every horse in our barn, from the novice up-and-comers to our string of world-class eventers. Purina feeds are palatable, easy to feed and store, and keep the horses looking and feeling their best.

Lindsey Taylor
Head Groom and Barn Manager for Boyd Martin

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  1. Anonymous says

    “have plenty of fuel for the cross-country phase”

    Well, that’s ironic…

  2. Wow Anonymous. Really? Your comment shows your ignorance to the sport and honestly your lack of horsemanship. Geeze.

  3. Anonymous: you don’t get it. I would try anything Boyd or Silva recommends b/c they are the type of people that put their horses before their pride… that’s probably one of the reasons they get endorsements…good horsepeople!

  4. Thanks for your comment. I spoke with Boyd and he felt that Oscar “ran out of gas” at Rolex not because of his diet, but because he was a young horse competing in his first four-star and lacks the depth of fitness that some of the older, more seasoned horses have built up over the years. In time Oscar, too, will achieve that level of fitness and likely breeze around a four-star course like a walk in the park. Boyd chose to pull up in the best interest of his young horse and his promising future, and their result in the competition in no way reflects the quality of the horse’s diet.

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