Final Gallop in PA

With the hot summer making the ground hard, it was a big morning at Michael Dickinson’s training facility. Several event riders were busy there this morning: Phillip, Buck, Bruce and I were down there galloping horses in preparation for their final outing before the World Equestrian Games, at the AEC next week. Both Neville and Remington galloped beautifully. I chose to gallop them up the hill head to head with Sara Gumblier riding Remington. Putting Remington side by side with Neville the ex-racehorse definitely makes him gallop easier; both horses rocketed up the hill.

It’s a 1.8 mile track, all uphill, and we’re very lucky that Michael has allowed us to use this facility as it’s known worldwide as the ultimate place to gallop a horse. Obviously we are taking every extra step to make sure the horses get as fit as they can with the least trauma to their legs as possible. We’re very grateful to use this training track, which is usually reserved for million-dollar racehorses.

It’s been a busy week for fitness: Remington also had a swim on Wednesday at Merry Meadows swimming pool. I feel with his latest performance at Richland he has a real shot at getting on the WEG team so I am doing everything I can to make sure he and Neville are both fit as a fiddle.

On Monday night I am taking Summer, Charla, Remi and Neville down to Chattahoochee Hills for the American Eventing Championships. On Saturday both Neville and Remington have been excused from running cross-country, but the selectors want to simulate some sort of physical exertion, which means a gallop on the track first thing in the morning, so that the situation is similar to when the horses are competing. They will still also then show jump after having strenuous exercise the day before.

Chatt Hills will be home for me and my groom Andrea Beech for the next month, as the Monday after the championships it turns into the US training camp. The squads will be officially announced the Tuesday after the AEC’s after the vetting of the horses is complete.


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  1. Good luck Boyd and your crew! This little rider in WI is cheering you on all the way! 🙂

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