Final Preparations for Bromont

I’m proud to say that I have four, in form, advanced horses priming up for one of the most important events of the year, the Bromont Three-Day Event in Quebec, Canada.

Trading Aces will take part in the CCI 3*, which is the long format version of the three star in Bromont. This is a new horse for me, thanks to the Trading Aces Syndicate. While on the greener side of things, this horse absolutely oozes with class. I’m also taking the three horses that are in contention for the Olympic Games: Neville, Remington, and Otis. It is my goal to put in a dazzling performance on all three of these horses, impressing the selectors so much, that all three of them will make it on the flight to the UK in two weeks’ time.

I’ve decided to aim the seasoned campaigner, Denise Lahey’s and Pierre Colin’s Ying Yang Yo, for the Luhmuehlen CCI4* in Germany the following week. Thomas has been working well, and I look forward to meeting him somewhere in Hamburg the Monday morning after Bromont to compete in Germany’s toughest three-day event.

Silva is packing Boyd’s bags and says, “It was not easy to pack for Boyd for three countries all at once! I even labeled all of the bags so that they go to the right country. Giving Boyd too much free rein leads to fashion disaster!!!”

I’ve been training hard on all five horses, polishing up their performances under the watchful eyes of my jumping coach, Phillip Dutton, and my dressage coaches, my wife Silva and Michael Barisone. As you’ll see in the video, there is a contrasting manner to the coaching with the softly spoken Phil partnered with the fired-up Mike.

I believe that this preparation has been made even more successful by the improvements to our training facility. Attwood Equestrian Surfaces and Riding Ringmasters who have constructed two world class arenas at our farm in Cochranville. In the dressage ring, we are riding on Atwood’s Pinnacle surface. This is a polymer coated sand that is dust free and non-tacky, and manufactured from premium raw materials. And in the jumping ring, we are riding on the Euro Tex, which is created with microfibers which add cushioning to the surface. I would like to give a special thanks to both Riding Ringmasters and Attwood for not only their unbelievable products, but also their first-class service and their affordable pricing.

See you in Bromont!


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  1. Anonymous says

    Would be more educational to hear the instructors comments rather than the music.

    wish Boyd and his horses all the best!

  2. Anonymous says

    I love that Silva has to pack his bags for him… and the labels 🙂

  3. Boyd,
    Thank you for including us in your Olympic journey. It has been wonderful seeing Neville, Remington, and Otis train in the arenas and enjoy the benefits these surfaces have to offer. Your tireless efforts and training have all come together and we wish you the very best over these next few weeks. As always, light speed, jump toward the stars, hang on and be safe.
    Cheers my friend,
    Edwin Barron
    Attwood Equestrian Surfaces – V.P. Operations

  4. Anonymous says

    Hi Boyd!
    Thank you for sharing your amazing journey to the Olympics!!! I enjoyed the movie, Good Luck, and ride your best! Get lots of rest and eat well! Hugs and treats for the horse’s!
    Go Boyd!!!
    Fans from Plainfield IL!
    Vanessa, Kelly!

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