First CDI of the Season for Windurra Dressage


I’m very happy with the results of our first CDI of 2015. Of course I would have liked to do better, but I will be working hard to improve!

Aesthete (“Stately)

It was Aestethe’s first CDI and I could not be happier with how he went. He tried so hard for me. We had a good PSG on Wednesday with a few mistakes and finished on 67.8% . We did qualify for the Intermediare 1 on Friday and he was fabulous in the International ring. Again we had a few little mistakes but we increased our score to 68.2% . This is a great horse and I am so excited about the future with him.

My girl Rosa Cha W was very good. We made some unusual little mistakes that hurt our scores, but we got better with every test. In the PSG she scored 67.2% and in Intermediare 1 we scored 68.8%; in the freestyle Sunday we scored 69.8% to finish eighth. I love our new music that Jerusha picked and Anne Miller put together beautifully! Thank you to both of them. 
Rosa in the Awards
Debbie McDonald was there for all my warm ups and that was so amazing. I love working with her! We were awarded the Best Foot Forward award this weekend. I was so appreciative of the award, considering, let’s say, it hasn’t been the easiest year for me. 
A surprise visit from George Morris
 I could not believe my eyes when I came out of the ring on Rosa and saw George Morris there cheering me on. I am the luckiest girl and have HUGE respect for George! He looked up my ride time and came over to the dressage just to watch me go. WOW!! The last time I saw him was when he came to the trauma center in Florida to visit me. This was for sure a happier occasion! 
I also ride my new mare Saphira in the national show at PSG and I-1. Saphira is owned by John McGuire and Marilyn Johnson. Let me tell you, this mare is AMAZING! I feel so lucky that John and Marilyn choose me to ride this great mare. This was our first show together and we won the PSG on Saturday and the Intermediare 1 on Sunday with 73% . We are planning on doing our first CDI together in two weeks time! Again I could not do any of this without my great girls Jerusha and Jessie!
I will be uploading videos soon, so stay tuned.


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