First Jog at Rolex Kentucky

Boyd and Otis

This morning was the jog at Rolex. Like every year, the jog-up strip was packed with people from all over the world. Every year I am so amazed at how many people show up for the Wednesday jog. The atmosphere is unbelievable and the weather was beautiful.

The overseas horses jogged first and I have to say there are some amazing looking horses this year. Overall I think I would be happy to take every single horse home that is starting at this event. All the horses looked fit and ready to do something amazing.
Erin Sylvester was the first out of our people to go. She and No Boundaries looked great!
Boyd jogged Remi first and had no trouble . 
Boyd and Remi
Otis went straight after Remi and also looked great. Even tho we know our horses are sound it is always nerve wracking for me ( and probably for a lot of people) at the jog. I think it is because there is so much work that goes into preparing for such a event that it would be just heart breaking if for some reason your horse would not be excepted.
Boyd and Otis
Anyway, I was so relieved when Boyd’s horses both passed!
After that we only had Kate and Belmont to go. Belmont is a very sound horse and they have been looking great. I was taking pictures for Jamie, ( Kate’s husband), when Kate was jogging Belmont. My heart dropped when I hear over the loudspeaker that Belmont was to be reinspected . Shit!!!! Kate looked like she was about to be sick and so did all of us. Kate has been working so hard to get here and is looking so good. 
Kate and Belmont
We were waiting and waiting and waiting till the end of the jog for her to jog again. I was shaking as she was jogging and then we heard : Belmont is accepted !!!!!! Yeah!!!!!
Now the event can begin. Tomorrow is the first day of dressage and we have Erin and No Boundaries first just after the lunch break at 1:24pm. Remi is second to last tomorrow at 3.44pm . On Friday Kate and Belmont are second to go in the morning, at 9:38, and Otis is the last one of the day at 3:52! It should be exciting!! All of the horses are ready to do good tests.

Check back tomorrow for more dressage updates and photos!

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