First-Rate Gallops at Will Faudree’s Farm

Master Frisky

We shipped up to Will Faudree’s Gavilan Farm in Southern Pines, NC last week and made us of his new gallops with footing by Attwood Equestrian Surfaces. Will just recently put in this fantastic new gallop and it’s an incredible mile and 1/8 resistance gallop that is completely uphill, with unparalleled Attwood Pinnacle footing. It was well worth the drive to put the four-star horses through the work of going up three times on this amazing footing. The Attwood Pinnacle consists of sand that has been coated with polymer and mixed with a variety of  fibers. It gives great cushion and galloping up it felt like the horses were hardly touching the ground. One of the biggest headaches we’ve encountered in preparing the horses for Rolex is keeping them sound due to the intense amount of work it takes to keep them fit, and I’d like to thank Will and Attwood for allowing us to use this gallop to aid in our preparations.



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