Five Points Horse Trials 2015

Blackfoot Mystery

Blackfoot Mystery

This is the second year I’ve been down to Five Points Horse Trials in Southern Pines, NC and I feel like it’s a great event with a good course as well as the ideal lead-up to Plantation Field in a couple of weeks.

SBF Cortez. Denise Lahey Photo.

SBF Cortez. Denise Lahey Photo.

I took a great group of horses town there this weekend. My group of five advanced horses ran around well and I was especially impressed with SBF Cortez, who’s the greenest of the group and gave me my best show jumping round of the day. Blackfoot Mystery, Steady Eddie, Welcome Shadow and Crackerjack also gave great performances that should set them up for a great fall season.

Steady Eddie

Steady Eddie

In prelim I also took two horses, Benito and Master Eli. Bonito is a new horse from Germany; this was his last prelim start and he is ready to tackle the intermediate. Philippa Humphrey sent Master Eli to me while she’s nearing the end of her pregnancy, to keep him ticking along until she’s back in the saddle.

Welcome Shadow

Welcome Shadow

A Get Well shout out must go to one of my assistants here, Sarah Siegal, who managed to break her wing in a cross-country fall on the weekend, including surgery with a plate. Also Will Faudree had an unlucky tumble on his new horse and is recovering from surgery after breaking his neck. I hope both of these two heal well and quickly and are back in action soon.

Also a huge thank you to Press Officer Allie Conrad, who shared some spectacular pictures from the weekend.

Stay tuned on social media for video from the event.

– Boyd




Blackfoot Mystery, owned by the Blackfoot Mystery Syndicate, 4th

Steady Eddie, owned by George and Gretchen Wintersteen, Denise Lahey and Pierre Colin 6th

Welcome Shadow, owned by Craig and Gloria Callen, 7th

Crackerjack, owned by Lucy Boynton, 8th

SBF Cortez, owned by Denise Lahey and Pierre Colin, 12th



Master Eli, owned by Phillipa Humphreys, 5th

Bonito, owned by Nancy Hathaway and Steve Blauner 6th

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  1. Wow Busy weekend
    Great Job

    Hate hearing about people getting injured
    Hope they heal well and fast

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