Focus on Courses: George Morris Clinic at Bridle Creek Farm

On Monday and Tuesday some of the top eventing riders in Aiken were treated to an awesome clinic by the Master of Equitation, George Morris. George worked on course analysis and course riding in this particular clinic. It was fantastic listening and learning the fine detail that George puts into the art of riding a course well. I feel like all of the riders and auditors gained information and knowledge from the lessons. It was a real honour and privilege working with George.

A big thanks must also go to Fernanda Kellogg and Kirk Henckels who hosted a lovely reception for George on Monday evening at their FoxFrolic Farm. It was great to hear in a speech all of the incredible insights he has in jumping. Another thanks must go to Bonnie Stedt, Gloria Callen and George & Gretchen Wintersteen whom sponsored some of the ‘up and coming’ riders’ lessons.

Thanks to Allie Conrad for the photos. Enjoy these “George-isms” courtesy of Allie and The Chronicle of the Horse:

 Boyd Martin 

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