Fonzy Learns His Changes

It has only been two weeks since Fortissimo B won the Markel/USEF East Coast Selection Trial for 5-year-old horses. After one week of easy riding, we are back to serious training. I like to start teaching my 5-year-olds the flying changes in between competitions. That way they have a basic understanding of what is expected of them, which makes life easier for them the next year when they have to perform changes in the show ring.
I will stop working on the flying changes weeks before the young horse finals. That way the horses will not be confused and start switching leads when they are supposed to counter canter in the 5-year-old test.
Fortissimo is an amazing learner and the flying changes come very easily to him; for such a young horse his changes are amazing! 

Please remember, Fonzy is for sale, and whoever buys him can ride him at the National Championships in at Lamplight Equestrian Center, this August 22-25 in Chicago!


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