Four Windurra Horses to Compete at Mars Tryon International Three-Day Event CCCI4L

Boyd is currently on his way to North Carolina for the 2020 MARS Tryon International Three-Day Event at the Tryon International Equestrian Center, which is shaping up to be one of the most competitive events in the United States in 2020:
With so many other competitions canceled, many of America’s best horses and riders have all been aiming at this one event in Tryon. That being said, I have loaded up the trailer with some very talented equine athletes!
Blackfoot Mystery:  I have slowly been building Big Red up for this one all year. It’s been four years since the Rio Olympics, and the old fella feels like a million bucks!  We are a little bit short of a run, but you can’t count this fella out. I feel like I have him very fit, and it’s great to finally have him back at the top of the sport.
On Cue: Like Red we are slightly short of starts, but this flashy French filly has been training very well. I have finally got her in peak condition and she is ready for action.  Cue is a mother of three, but this broodmare is nowhere near ready to go out to pastures: she will be flying around the mud come Saturday and if everything goes to plan, she will finish in the top placings.
Tsetserleg:  After a huge hear last year, culminating in Pan Am Gold, Thomas has been quietly ticking along in 2020. Its great to finally have him at a big event again where I can really give him a good crack. He has been working very well in the build up and I feel if I ride him well he will also be hard to beat. I plan to give him an extra ‘cluck’ if that freakin’ boat is still in the water jump!
Contessa: The beauty queen of the group is looking in sensational condition.  With all of my injuries this year, I have not been able to compete her as much as I would like. That being said, she has won at this level before.  She has been working very well in the build up, and this could be the perfect finish to her season.
It looks like a lot of rain is coming. This could be a very epic event!
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