Friday Evening Party and Saturday Schedule

Two days in to the Bettina Hoy clinic we all had a great time at the reception held this evening at held at the home of Neville Bardos syndicate members George and Gretchen Wintersteen. A good time was had by all of the riders, grooms, owners and clinic supporters. We’re all looking forward to our lessons tomorrow.


Here’s the schedule:

Jan Byyny 8:00
Jan Byyny 8:45
Allison Springer 9:15
Kevin Keane 10:00
Erin Sylvester 10:45
Sara Gumbiner 11:30
Boyd Martin 1:00 (Nev)
Boyd Martin 1:45 (Otis)
Boyd Martin 2:30 (Thomas)
Jessica Hampf 3:15

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