Full Dressage Dance Card Last Week at Stable View!

Last week’s schedule at Stable View in Aiken was exceptionally busy time for the dressage operation of  Windurra USA which includes Silva, her clients and students!  It began with Silva teaching a Fix-A-Test clinic on the 7th, which was great preparation for many of the competitors who rode in the I Love Dressage USDF show which took place the following day.

Silva called to give a full report of the week, which includes many videos featured below:

“I was so proud of Devon and Duvent, who have worked so hard towards competing in their first PSG!  Overall I was really proud of her for pulling it off because Duvent can be a bit challenging at times.  Devon has been in my program for a long time (6 years) and has been working with Duvent for the past 2+ years.”


“Benny (owned by Melinda Walton & Larry Smith) won his PSG, and this is exciting because he has been with me a very long time.  He had a bit of a break but he’s back and it was the best he’s ever gone.  He’s ready for CDI this year.”

“Jada was unbelievable.  She’s one of the best horses we’ve bred.  She Won 3rd level on a 71%.  She’s going to Fl for the 6 year old Markel classes,  to qualify for national championships.   The top horses will go to world breed championships in Holland representing the USA.  We aren’t technically advertising her as a sales horse……but we may put her up for sale to the right rider/trainer scenario.”

“Jax, another home bred now owned by Joan Fenton, is a very special horse and I’m so happy for Joan.   He was ridden by Harley Whittaker and they scored a 68% in their first 3rd level.  This is very impressive for young horse and rider.  They will come with me to Wellington as well.”

“Hannah (Rosa Cha’s daughter) who’s owned by Sarah Reese and Joan, also competed in 3rd level.  She’s just turned 8 and she’s feeling really great.  It’s taken time for her to grow up.  The Goal for this year is to start doing 4th level and go to Devon.  She feels just like her mother!”

“Julua W just turned 7, and she’s a full sister to Jada…….Just bigger.  She is very talented and has really easy changes.  She’s definitely an FEI horse, no question.

“Duchess, who is for sale, won the 1st level with 70%.  She’s really impressive and always wins every class.  She’s 18h and needs a tall rider!”

“Helle, on her own Furst Rubin, was second overall but won the amateur division with a 70.6%.  This was their first time at 3rd level!!  We unfortunately don’t have any video on her….but Stable View was able to get a few of Helle and her OTTB Ringo in the training level test.”

Stable View USDF Results

“A group of us leave on the 21st for Wellington, where we will stay to compete until  March 18th, when we travel back to Pennsylvania.  Devon will remain at Stable View and then ship back home at the end of the season to meet us!”

Stay tuned……..Silva

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