Getting Rosa Cha W Ready for Dressage at Devon

Rosa Cha W

Silva will be competing in the Grand Prix at Dressage at Devon riding Rosa Cha W, and has been fine tuning her musical freestyle for the big event.

“I’ve been getting some help from Jessica Ransehousen; she’s coming to my place every two weeks,” says Silva. “I’m always critical of myself but I’m happy with how we’re progressing. Ann Miller is doing my freestyle and comes out to work on the music, too. I’m lucky to have Rosa’s great Syndicate to help pay for the lessons and the freestyle composition, to make this the best it can be.

“I think Rosa is a little tired because we’ve been working a lot, but she feels great. On the 10th of September Middy ‘N Me is doing a trunk show at our place, so I’m going to go through the freestyle for the crowd that shows up for that. Saturday night is stressful at Devon, there are a lot of people there including a lot of people I know, so I want to do especially well! I’ve done the small tour freestyle there but this is my first time doing Saturday night.”

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