Global Dressage Festival 6


 We had a good national show last weekend. Of course Melinda and Larry’s Benefactor RRS was a star. I showed Benny in third level for the first time and as usual, he cleaned up! We won 3rd level test 2 on Saturday with 70% and 3rd test 3 on Sunday with 73.9%.

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Anne and Mike Laver and Gloria Callen’s Bright Side, “Eddie”, moved up to first level and he scored 73% in 1st test 3 to finish third yesterday.

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Kirsten Jepp’s Estival Star, “Ernie”, proved again that he is one of the nicest young horses out there. This was his first real show and he handled it amazingly well. He won both his training level classes with 70% the first day and 75% the second day!!! What a great horse! If somebody is looking for a very special young horse, THIS IS IT!

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I also rode Hallie Arnesbrok’s Rumour Has It in her first show ever. I rode her in third level to finish third in both classes! This mare is an amateur’s dream, very safe and honest at the shows.


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  1. I’m passing on Ernie’s info. Those scores are fantastic!

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