Good Results Continue at CBLM Championships

Kymmy and Markie finished fourth in the PSG Championships on Saturday. That is a great result in a big, competitive class!

I showed Bonnie Stedt’s Zoran in his first time at Second level and we placed second with 69%. I am very exited about “Zoom”! He is a great horse for the future, with a lot of power and elegance. He is not really a second level horse; we did two flying changes today, which made me decide to move him up to third level at the next show.

Amy and Cece showed in Training test 2 today and finished third out of 26 starters! They are ready to take on the training level Championships on Sunday.

Gracia and Dia did awesome and won the junior first level class with 71%!

Kymmy and Comet were reserve Champion in the third level Championship.

I showed Duvent and Rosa in the fourth level warm up class for the Championship class on Sunday.  Rosa was a little tense but she still won the class with 72%; Duvent was not far behind her, finishing second with 70%.

For Sunday we have Cece, Story , Zoran , Markie, Dia, Duvent and Rosa in the Championships!


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